Midi for the DRX-1

I’m proud to announce the creation of a board to give the legendary Pearl DRX-1 (also known as the DRUM-X) full midi control. Not only the triggers are mapped, but also all the variables can continuously be changed over midi. This enables artists to control the sound of the drum synthesizer during play with hardware based controllers like the Arturia Beatstep pro or the Doepfer Drehbank or via a Digital Audio Workstation like Ableton, Protools, Ardour, Rosegarden and others.

At the moment there is not a DIY kit yet, as the first generation of the PCB has just been tested and problems are ironed out. The way the PCB interacts with the DXR-1 will be simplified to ease building in. unfortunately this is not a drop in thing, as there is some soldering involved on the main board.

At the moment, I’m testing the 1.0 PCB with all its patches. As soon as I’m content, I will order a new batch of boards.